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Packing Subac

We have extensive knowledge and experience in the application of underwater concrete repair. High strength cementitious grouts, injected non-shrink polyurethane grout and specialized epoxy coatings are just some of the products that we use in concrete repair. Products are NSF certified.

Directed by our engineers, projects range from sealing pipes, joints, cracks, fractures and holes in concrete to the repair of potable water tanks.

Our engineers work with clients to select the proper material for each application whether it be a potable water application or concrete and steel remediation. Our success is unmatched.

Subac is a high-strength, easy-to-mix, cement-based concrete and masonry patching compound designed specifically for placement in tidal zones and underwater applications. Subac will set and form a permanent bond to virtually any underwater surface. It is resistant to chemical attack, freezing and thawing, and can be used in all types of water. Subac does not separate or “smoke” in water, making it easy to apply under virtually any conditions, providing divers with maximum visibility to complete their work.

At DSI, we use NSF 61 Certified products. Our products have been used in potable water applications throughout the world. The grout helps to stop below grade water intrusion. The materials are pumped into the leaking area forming a waterproof barrier thus providing a permanent repair.

Crack Repair by Injection

In a potable water clearwell we used certified expandable grout to seal over 30' of leaking along the tank's expansion joint. P.E. divers determined the leakage area with a series of dye tests along the expansion joint. After the area of concern was located the engineers determined proper injection locations and depth and angles along the joint. Holes are then drilled and the injection ports installed. The grout is mixed by a topside crew and pumped to the diver who connects the hose to each injection port along the expansion joint. As the grout expands it displaces water and seals the leak.