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Because much of a dam’s structure is submerged, uncertainty regarding its underwater structural condition increases the potential of failure. Erosion, cracking and deterioration of the dam face may be visible and easily assessed above the water’s surface. Below-water conditions are usually obscure and not easily visible to on-site staff or inspection consultants. This requires the experience and specialized resources that DSI can provide. Our staff consists of highly trained divers, engineers and PE Divers who utilize all the equipment required to accurately perform these assessments. DSI also owns and operates special pipe inspection ROV’s to inspect conduits that extend through the dam crest. If necessary we can insert one of our many pipe plugs or bulked plates to temporally stop the flow to allow dry inspection. We also have experience and ability to design, fabricate and install custom closures if required.

DSI is a leader in underwater inspection of dams and hydroelectric facilities using an in-house staff of engineer-divers. Our dam inspection team has individuals that are both a licensed professional engineer and an experienced commercial diver. DSI conducts a thorough, methodical, hands-on inspection of dam faces, penstocks, and other elements. During the inspection, the dive team maps and photographs deterioration, cracking, and other defects according to client requirements. DSI engineers establish benchmarks for comparison in future inspection cycles for such things as the measurement of vertical plumb of the dam face. DSI teams are also proficient in performing underwater video, ROV and underwater sonar imaging. All inspection data is compiled and clients receive a clear, concise assessment report with video DVD.