Diving Services Incorporated (DSI) is one of the few firms in the country that offers comprehensive underwater inspection services performed by Registered Professional Engineer Divers. Our ADCI compliant underwater inspection teams are led by registered PE-divers and utilize surface-supplied air operations to accurately and efficiently evaluate the condition of underwater structures. This is especially important in situations with poor visibility. Our PE Divers can perform a 3 dimensional tactile inspection maximizing the results.

Bridge and Dam structures can be massive in size and scale so knowing critical areas of concern is invaluable to maintain efficient timelines. Inspections done by a diver who is not familiar with the structures design and composition may miss vital information while focusing on less critical areas. A PE viewing an inspection on a 2 dimensional video monitor topside provides the same level of analysis because like a video chat they must rely on the diver to identify and show important data.

Our staff includes Registered Professional Structural Engineers who supervise and perform underwater inspections. DSI specializes in underwater structural inspections, unlike many marine contractors and commercial diving companies who just perform underwater inspections as one of a range of diving services. We perform visual and tactile inspections and testing of all types of marine structures. Our detailed inspection reports include field observations, structural condition assessments, and recommendations for repairs.

All underwater bridge inspections performed by DSI conform to current NBIS standards. We are experienced in preparing PONTIS ratings and are familiar with the bridge management and structure inventory and assessment programs of many governmental agencies. Our engineers are active in ASDSO and stay current with the latest Dam Safety and inspection methodology. We use state of the art electronic NDT Testing equipment and have the expertise to perform in-house underwater core sampling. Reports are prepared with scale AutoCAD drawings showing the locations of anomalies and defects with keyed notes describing pertinent information.

Collected data may include:

All underwater inspection and non-destructive testing services are conducted our by our own certified technicians.